Hydra is an ancient mythical monster with nine dragon heads. Hydra is invincible. If Hydra loses one head, it will grow immediately two*.

Unlike the mythical HYDRA, which has harmed humans, HYDRA Association is here to help people. To help people wherever public power violates the social contract against its citizens. A citizen is a sovereign in his country, not an official, an elected representative or a judge. The citizen merely grants public power authorities so that its officers serve the sovereign citizen.

Where this is not the case and the entrusted public power ceases to serve the citizen, the social contract between the citizen and the state is violated. In such a situation, HYDRA comes in to correct the violation of the social contract on behalf and in favour of the citizen.

In a nutshell, if a public authority or a public officer does not serve a citizen, he/she is misusing his/her public mission. If a public officer violates laws or regulations, that he/she is obliged to observe and apply in the most economical way possible towards sovereign citizen, HYDRA Association intervenes. HYDRA Association never acts for itself or for its own interests, but always in the name and for the benefit of citizen-sovereign (Leviathan)**.

HYDRA Association always acts on behalf of a “citizen-sovereign”, against whom his "officer-servant" (the minister in Latin means a servant) abused his mission to serve the citizen-sovereign. In other words, HYDRA is an instrument of the citizen-sovereign to restore the order (social contract) that the public authority or its officer has violated by its acts or omissions to act.

** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leviathan_(Hobbes_book)

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To protect your rights

Are you not satisfied with the way in which authorities deal with you, you feel bullied, and you are not satisfied with our political and legal system, you do not like where OUR money is going? We are here to fight it. The Hydra Association will be presented to you in a short video by its founder himself.


Information on filed criminal announcement against Czech and Austrian companies of the Raiffeisen banking group for possible financing or support of terrorism committed by the Russian Federation through their subsidiaries companies operating in the Russian Federation and controlled from Austria.

Invitations to the Czech, Austrian and EU investigative authorities to create an international investigative team in relation to activities of Raiffeisen banking group in Russian Federation.

Call on European NGOs to file similar criminal complaints against companies operating in the Russian Federation controlled by parent companies from EU countries

The Association for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Citizens (the HYDRA Association) - for the purpose of supporting the efforts of the European Central Bank, which is trying to persuade companies belonging to the Raiffeisen banking group, uniformly managed on a consolidated basis by parent entities from the Republic of Austria, to leave the Russian Federation – informs that it:

  • filed a criminal complaint with the Czech, Austrian and EU law enforcement authorities regarding the possible commission of criminal offenses of terrorist financing or support of Russian terrorism in Ukraine by Czech and Austrian companies of the Raiffeisen banking group through their Russian Raiffeisen sister companies which via taxes contribute to the budget of Russian federation from which war and terrorist activities of Russian soldiers and mercenaries are financed,
  • called on the competent law enforcement authorities in the EU countries where the Raiffeisen Group operates and the EU authorities to create an international investigative team that would establish cooperation with the US Prosecutor's Office, which is already investigating the Raiffeisen Group, and
  • called on European non-governmental organizations to file similar criminal complaints against companies operating in the Russian Federation controlled by parent companies from EU countries.

Full text of the press release in English(.pdf, 220 kB)

Protection against undue or illicit interference by public authorities

Counselling and training activities to raise legal awareness

Promoting entrepreneurs' interests

Visions and objectives

Association for the Rights of Citizens and Entrepreneurs, z.s. (hereinafter referred to as "APOP")

State power can only be exercised in cases and within the limits set by law, in the manner stipulated by law. (Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Czech Republic, Article 2(2))

APOP was created to meet several basic objectives - short, medium and long-term. Because APOP would primarily like to be a progressive association of people with an open mind, it has great potential to meet the defined goals set, set other goals and thus create through systematic work one of the pillars of democracy without links to politicians.

One of APOP's main objectives is to help those who feel harmed by improper or illegal action by government authorities. Few people are able to navigate through all the legislation governing a number of areas of public administration. This can often lead to the denial of the right of an individual or society due to the incorrect or illicit acting of an administrative authority.

APOP also aims to develop educational activities in the field of fundamental rights of citizens or entrepreneur in relation to state administration bodies. The “nobility-like supremacy approach” of the state administration authorities is inadmissible.

APOP considers it necessary to KNOW and UNDERSTAND. The key to knowledge is, among other things, the exercise of the right to information. Indifference is unconstructive and, as a result, harms civil society.

APOP aims to contribute by the resources at its disposal in the cultivation and reform of the state administration in order to fulfill the purpose entrusted to it by laws.

Last but not least, APOP is a society that aims to create space for both internal and external dialogue.